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3 Psychiatric Conditions That Are Treated Using Counselling and Medication

by Ramona Terry

There are a number of situations and problems that people suffer from that are considered to be psychiatric in nature. These can include depression, anxiety, phobias and psychosis—among many others. When these issues go untreated, they can have significant negative consequences on both your physical health as well as your emotional state. This article explains a little more about some of the conditions a psychiatrist can help to treat using counselling and medication.


Whatever you have experienced in life has left you with some kind of mental scars that can sometimes be triggered by certain situations and emotions. Maybe there was a traumatic event in your life that you feel negatively affects how well you cope with day-to-day situations. These triggers can cause panic attacks, flashbacks, nightmares and more. PTSD can also have a significant impact on the physical health of the person with it, as a result of stress or physical issues (like frequent migraines or chronic pain). A psychiatrist may prescribe anti-depressant medication and recommend an intensive course of psychotherapy or counselling to help you process the unresolved trauma.

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

If you are experiencing OCD, you may find that you become anxious when you feel something out of place, so you feel the need to spend hours and hours cleaning your room or checking that every single thing is in its place—no matter what that is. You can get so obsessed that you feel the need to clean your home over and over and over again. OCD is often associated with underlying anxiety which fuels the behaviour. People who have severe depression are also more likely to suffer from OCD. This is because the symptoms of OCD can mimic feelings of sadness or worthlessness, and may make it harder for you to recognise that you are suffering from OCD rather than feeling depressed. A psychiatrist can prescribe meds and offer counselling, which can help you to address this issue.

Anorexia Nervosa

Anorexia is a serious problem that can cause serious physical damage, particularly to your heart and bones. People who suffer from it are often obsessed with being thin and controlling their weight, so they may avoid eating or overexercise. Some people may have this issue because they feel like they need to be in control of something following a life event that has caused them anxiety or depression. A psychiatrist can offer therapy that helps you to address issues that you feel are causing anorexia, as well as recommending medication in some cases.

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