Premarital Counseling: Making Sure You Are Compatible

Three Signs You Would Benefit From Counselling Services

by Ramona Terry

There are many advantages to getting professional counselling, whether you're dealing with symptoms of a mental illness or simply need someone to talk to. This article explains three tell-tale signs that you would benefit from getting in touch with a counsellor.

Certain Patterns of Thinking Are Affecting Your Life

If you feel that certain patterns of thoughts and certain beliefs about yourself keep coming up over and over again, they can have a negative impact on your life. For example, low self-esteem might stop you from taking risks, trying new things and enjoying satisfying relationships. You may keep coming up against problems with trusting people, issues with making decisions or anxiety about meeting new people. Whatever the case, your counsellor will be able to talk through your problems, find the root of them and help you to change your beliefs and thought patterns, allowing you to live a more fulfilling life.

You're Suffering From Mental Illness Symptoms 

You may have never suffered from symptoms of mental illness before, or you may have just noticed that pre-existing symptoms are getting worse. If you aren't sure what your symptoms are, spend some time researching them. The NHS has a list of symptoms of depression, including lesser-known symptoms such as digestive issues and restlessness. Whatever the case, you deserve to feel happy and live a life without unpleasant symptoms, and working with a counsellor is a great way to deal with your illness and reduce the symptoms. If you notice your overall mood getting worse, it's definitely time to ask for help.

You Feel You Don't Have Anyone to Talk To

Do you feel like there's a lot going on inside your head, and you don't have anyone to discuss it with? If you feel like you have nobody to talk to about your feelings, working with a counsellor might help. This is especially true if you feel like keeping your feelings bottled up is upsetting you, or if you find yourself oversharing with people you're not close to. Talking to a counsellor is likely to help you, as you have a regular appointment to get your feelings out, and they can give you advice and help without taking sides or gossiping.  

Whether you want to overcome a long-standing issue, deal with your depression or feel listened to, counselling can be really empowering and helpful. Find counselling services in your area and get in touch to get started.