Premarital Counseling: Making Sure You Are Compatible

Ways Family Counselling Can Prove Integral When Navigating a Divorce

by Ramona Terry

An upheaval in your nuclear family can have far-reaching effects on the relationships between family members. But while some people will seek counselling for personal matters such as anxiety, grief and so on, not many consider seeking therapy when the entire family goes through a significant change such as divorce. Granted, you may have sought the services of a counsellor when trying to save the marriage.

But if there is no hope for salvaging the marital union, you should also consider family counselling for the emotional betterment of your kids as well as your emotional and mental health. If you are going through a separation or have recently finalised the end of your union, consider the following ways that family counselling can prove integral when navigating a divorce.

Family counselling can improve communication among loved ones

A major reason why a disconnect may happen between you and your children during a divorce is that the lines of communication can become fractured. Even the best of relationships are not immune to this problem. When you take into account that the day-to-day dynamics of the home have been irrevocably changed, you can begin to realise that your children may no longer feel like they can communicate their emotions.

Moreover, since a divorce is a decision between the parents, the kids may translate the lack of their input as not having a valid opinion. All these unaddressed feelings will cause a breakdown in communication. With family counselling, every member of the clan gets a chance to feel heard. Furthermore, through the guidance of the therapist, communication among family members becomes effective since it is done is a calm and respectful manner.

Family counselling can help reinforce familial bonds

A breakdown in communication does not just mean that you and your loved ones are unable to convey what your individual feelings are. When you lose your ability to communicate, it means that every battle that each person is contending with remains unspoken. This feeling of not being heard can make individuals start to believe that they are not understood by their family members, which, in turn, eats away at the familial bonds as they become more and more disconnected from their loved ones.

This issue is not limited to the children. One spouse may also feel that their point of view is not being recognised or deemed valid, and this can cause them to distance themselves from the family, which can be damaging over the long term. Family counselling presents an opportunity for everyone's point of view to be heard, and this allows the fostering and strengthening of bonds with one another despite having varying perspectives regarding the divorce.

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