Premarital Counseling: Making Sure You Are Compatible

COVID-19 and Relationship Issues: How Can Counselling Help?

by Ramona Terry

If you're involved in a long term relationship, the COVID-19 pandemic can pose a significant threat to your relationship. The pandemic has placed a massive strain on individuals and their interpersonal relationships. Understandably, you or your partner may be experiencing emotional burnout due to this event. When all else fails, counselling may be your last hope for saving your partnership. Read on to find out more about how counselling can help with relationship issues such as emotional burnout, toxic arguments and communication issues between you and your partner.

Emotional burnout

Emotional burnout occurs when your ability to feel emotional and to connect with others is overwhelmed due to anxiety. This may manifest itself in various ways such as rarely expressing affection, arguing more or not spending time together. You or your partner may also start to neglect your personal hygiene and appearance because you are exhausted, stressed, depressed, sad or angry. A counsellor can help you and your partner by assessing how you are functioning psychologically and emotionally. You will be able to understand certain changes in your behaviour that occur due to emotional burnout, learn healthier ways of coping with stress, learn practical techniques for better managing your relationship, have a positive focus on your relationship and feel hopeful for the future of your partnership.

Toxic arguments

There will always be a certain amount of conflict occurring in every relationship. People who are well adjusted and not involved in a COVID-19 pandemic environment can tolerate such conflicts without any serious problems to their relationships. However, if you are anxious and stressed because of COVID-19, you may tend to exaggerate or escalate these feelings into toxic arguments or behaviours which can destroy the very bond you share with your partner. A toxic argument often occurs over something relatively trivial such as unwashed dishes but can quickly escalate. Fortunately, a counsellor can help you and your partner learn ways of handling conflicts while avoiding toxic arguments.

Communication issues

Couples who are struggling due to the COVID-19 pandemic may experience communication issues. If there are communication issues you may feel misunderstood, like you are being taken for granted, and lonely. However, a counsellor can help you and your partner become more aware of each other's emotional needs. They will encourage you to create a dialogue where you listen actively and voice your needs and feelings to each other.

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